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 How Organized or unorganized are you?  See For Yourself

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I'm Chinamelum Menakaya 

There are so many things I am excited to Share with you.

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Over the past 6 years, Chinamelum has used her expertise as a Professional Organizer organizing over 100+ homes, apartments, studios, townhouses, storage units, commerical building and more. Due to her love of organizing, she's been featured on the Washington Post, The Northern VA Magazine. She's founded Lavender Organizes in 2019. Lavender Organizes Brings Calmness, Functionality And Serenity Into The Spaces Where People Live And Work. Lavender Organizes was also featured on the business insider.  The more exposure, the more lives Lavender Organizes can change.

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Just to Name a few shes been featured in..

Guess What?

You can get my "Top 7 Common Mistakes Made Before Organizing" ebook that I personally see on a daily bases as a professional organizer, I will share my expertise that I give to my clients that has gotten me featured into the publications seen above. It's given me national notoriety and a successful business. I want to share with you my free ebook today!

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  • Do you feel like... Your Overwhelmed with clutter?
  • Does it seem... like you are buying organizing items such as baskets, utensil holders and its not fixing the clutter issue?
  • Are you frustrated that... Every time you begin to organize you feel so overwhelmed, you want to stop even before you started?
  • And when it comes down to it, are you... ready to receive help?

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